that prevent Internationally Educated Nurses

from becoming licensed in Canada.

What You Will Learn:

  • What to expect on the Speaking task on the CELBAN.

  • Learn the Tips & Topics that wise nurses know so that they get the required score on CELBAN Speaking.

  • Experience sample questions for CELBAN Speaking: both in the textbook and in videos.

  • Explore 7 CRITICAL WAYS to increase your score on CELBAN Speaking.

  • Learn essential skills of how to practice for CELBAN Speaking.

  • and more...

There are 2 Parts to this Textbook:

  1. The lessons and assignments in the textbook, and

  2. Videos to supplement the textbook available to OPEN students who subscribe to CELBANPrep University App.

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KEYWORDS: CELBAN, speaking, tips, videos, topics, questions, practice, moderately demanding medical situations, comprehend instructions, interact with others, give instructions, get things done.

Increase Your Speaking Score with these Companion Videos to the Textbook

πŸ€ Imagine if you could be so prepared for the Speaking tasks that you feel confident entering into the exam.

πŸ€ Imagine if you could master the skills you need to communicate clearly in moderately demanding medical situations.

πŸ€ Imagine if you could learn all of the essential skills so that you can comprehend instructions, interact with others, give instructions and get things done with ease.

How valuable would that be to you?

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