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Introducing CELBANPrep University

CELBANPrep has excelled at preparing Internationally Educated Nurses for CELBAN Speaking. From the very beginning, in 2009, CELBAN preparation books were available on Amazon and classes were taught online. Now, in 2021 we have something new: a virtual app-based campus. Here you can access ALL of the CELBAN preparation material that was created over the past 10+ years by founder Kim Kara.

CELBAN Information

It is in CELBANPrep University's Information Centre that you can access study planners, guide books, gifts, and course information packages. All you need to do is SUBSCRIBE!


Once you have entered the virtual campus you will get a better idea about how it works, and contemplate whether to become an OPEN student. Open students pay a nominal monthly subscription fee to access both the Resource Centre and the Learning Centre. Here you will be able to engage in independent skill training programs, which include the Grammar Essentials Video Library among other MasterClasses.

All of this CELBAN preparation material is available through CELBANPrep University's app-based virtual campus.

Proudly Serving IENs since 2009!

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