CELBAN Speaking Preparation Guide Book : Healer Conquer the CELBAN


New Release: September 2021

KEYWORDS: speaking, tips, topics, questions, practice, moderately demanding medical situations, comprehend instructions, interact with others, give instructions, get things done.

Prepare For CELBAN Speaking: Self-Study Book

 🍀 Imagine if you could be so prepared for the Speaking tasks that you feel confident entering into the exam.

🍀 Imagine if you could master the skills you need to communicate clearly in moderately demanding medical situations. 

🍀 Imagine if you could learn all of the essential skills so that you can comprehend instructions, interact with others, give instructions and get things done with ease.

What You Get:

Get all the weekly study plans you need to increase your score in CELBAN Speaking.

There are 2 Ways to Use this CELBAN Speaking Preparation Guide:

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NOTE: A book like this costs $20 USD to print and distribute, which does not cover the costs of writing, editing, graphic design and layout.


Other NEW RELEASE: September 2021




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